Wyona P. has a particularly interesting, sporty pedigree which makes her super interesting for breeding.

Wyona P. is a full sister of the Grand Prix jumper Salvador, Wyona P. like Salvador showed a lot of ability
and good reflexes in the test with which she earned the star predicate.
Jumping ability is strongly anchored at Wyona P. Tibor P (v.Little Rock) is a half brother of Wyona P.
Tibor P. participated in 2011 at the European Championships in Madrid and is one of the most successful jumpers in Russia in recent years.
The known Heartbreaker daughters Unique P. and Verena P., both are in the top rankings of the pedigree indexes,
they were bred from Promis P. (v.Gratianus) a half-sister of Wyona.
Quality Time, one of the best Voltaire daughters of her generation, participated in the world cup final with Nicole Shihanian (USA)
and was high in the world rankings.
This mare has the pedigree name Fadensie and is a full sister of Wyona's mother Lynda J. By grandmother Zwadensie and sports blood Silvano doubled via Heartbreaker
the fast reflexes and very good manners from this top family are naturally introduced by Voltaire and Heartbreaker.


Charmeur P. 30 May 2007, sire: Chacco Blue (Chambertin x Contender) Owner/rider: Stephanie Morrison, Ireland jumps 1.45





Dyona P. 23 May 2008, sire: Candillo Z. (Cassini I x Grundyman xx) sold: breeding mare

El Salvador P. 17 May 2009, sire: Nabab de RÍve (Quidam de Revel x Artichaut) sold

Gio P. 6 March 2011, sire: Bernini (Vigo d'Arsouilles x Quick Star) sold: jumps 1.30




Harald P. 24 April 2012, sire: Mylord Carthago (Carthago x Jalisco B.) sold: At Borculo Auction, Ireland, jumps 1.20




Iniesta P. 28 April 2013, sire: Air Jordan Z ( Argentinus x Matador) sold: Portugal, rider Antonio Portela Carneiro jumps 1.30





Jicky P. 25 May 2014, sire: Grand Pilot= Pennsylvania (Gambrinus x Pilot) sold: Johan Olde Bolhaar/ Tal Milstein jumps 1.10



Kaya P. 22 May 2015, sire: Chaman (Baloubet du Rouet x I love You)




Mix P. 09 May 2017, sire: Ibolensky (Cornet Obolensky x Contender) Sold to Brinkman Stables and Mr.Wouters vd Oudenweijer



1yo Mix P.


Nike P. (N-Malcolm X P) 05 May 2018, sire: Maloubet de Pleville (Baloubet du Rouet x Rox de la Touche) sold to: S. Fiankan U.S.A